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Music plays significant roles in human attempts to build a wholesome and organized society. Where there is the need to restructure and revitalize the system of a society, music assumes a critical role in articulating tenets towards achieving the desired result. This is because music has the tenacity to convey and impress its essence to the audience. This phenomenon makes society more receptive to core values express through music. We may ask, where and how does the ‘BAYI’ connect with music? The Bode Akindele YIELD initiative the ‘BAYI’, is a collaborative Youth development non-profit, non-Governmental organisation, centered on the complete formation of the youth through activities that are grouped into three (3) thematic areas that are:

The ‘BAYI’ Anthem contest would be conducted in sequential order. By this, a first and second round of competition would be implemented. It is necessary to reiterate that applicants must display a visible passion for creativity which must reflect in the content of Anthem. It is important to mention that the BAYI has a stated goals and objectives, values and ethics, therefore, the lyrics of the anthem are expected to be drawn from it. The Anthem must have a very expressive and resonant chorus. Contestants would be at liberty to accompany the Anthem with desired instrumentation and choreography where necessary by their own instrumentalists.

For your anthem to pass the first screening stage, the following requirements must be fulfilled:<br> 1. Must be a member of a BAYI Main Club or Starter Club 2. The ANTHEM must have two stanza and its content must be based on BAYI thematic areas 3. The PLEDGE should not be more than a stanza and it should cover the vision, mission, goal and thematic areas of the organization. It should include the YIELD concept: the BAYI mantra, dovetailing into the long-term goal of the organization. 4. The contestants for the anthem/pledge can be an individual or come up as group or work as a team.

Interested choir or soloist should complete the online application via the form below or visit www.bayi.org.ng/competitions. You are expected to upload your Anthem and Pledge in both doc and audio format. Please note that this is an Anthem and Pledge challenge; it is therefore expected that the appropriate musical style should be adopted.

Composers eligible to take part in the competition would be from the target population of ‘The BAYI’ i.e. BAYI Club members. Entry: Only one entry. Entries would be considered from choir or soloist. Reward for Anthem: The winner would claim a prize to be provided by the sponsor. Entry Period: The entry period would last till midnight of 14th of July, 2019. Registration band reception of entries 9th May-14th July, 2019 Closing of portal for entries 15th July, 2019 at 12.00am Selection of Entries for contest 16th-20th July, 2019 Presentation: Round one 23rd July, 2019 Presentation: Round Two- Final Round 15th August, 2019

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